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I have an array structure, like this:

$families = array
        "Father" => "Peter",
        "Mother" => "Lois",
        "Child" => "Megan"

        "Father" => "Cleveland",
        "Mother" => "Loretta",
        "Child" => "Junior"


My question is:

How do I add another array called "Simpsons" to this structure with "Homer", "Marge" and "Bart" as the data?

Thanks guys....

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how the previous elements were added? what have you tried? –  SilentGhost Oct 26 '12 at 15:02

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$families['Simpsons'] = array(
  'Father' => 'Homer', 
  'Mother' => 'Marge', 
  'Child'  => 'Bart'
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Same way you added Griffin and Brown. If you do this later on in the code:

 $families['Simpsons'] = array('Mother' => 'Marge','Father' =>'Homer','Child' => 'Bart');
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Just removed a typo. –  Orbling Oct 26 '12 at 15:16

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