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I'm trying to use backbone.js to wrap the Jenkins REST API.

To get job details, one performs a GET on a URL like this:

My very simple backbone app looks like this:

$(function () {
   var Job = Backbone.Model.extend({
         displayName:'not set'

   var AppView = Backbone.View.extend({

      initialize:function () {
         var job = new Job;
         job.url = '';


   var app = new AppView;

I can see the HTTP requests hitting my Jenkins server, and receiving responses like:

description: "build a nice test job",
displayName: "test-job",

However, my model is not getting updated (the alert() always displays "not set").

Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong?

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Complete operator error. Apparently, the "A" in AJAX stands for "asynchronous"...

I just needed to change my fetching code to:

           success: function(model, response) {

Sorry about the stupid question. Hopefully this is at least useful to Google, as I had lots of trouble finding examples of how to use Backbone with JSONP.

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