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I have this jqGrid:

    url: '/modulos/carga/cargaServiciosTarifa.ashx',
    datatype: 'xml',
    mtype: 'GET',
    colNames: ['Tipo_Servicio', 'Cantidad','Unidad'],
    colModel: [
        {name: 'Tipo_Servicio', index: 'TSI_TS_Id', width: 100, align: 'center',
            edittype: 'select', editable: true, sortable: true,
            editrules: { edithidden: false, required: true }, editoptions: {
                size: 1,
                dataUrl: '/modulos/carga/cargaServiciosTarifa.ashx?oper=getServicios'
        { name: 'Cantidad', index: 'TSI_Cantidad', width: 100, align: 'center',
            editable: true, edittype: 'select', editoptions: {
                value: "1:1;2:2;3:3;4:4;5:5;6:6;7:7;8:8;9:9;10:10;11:11;12:12" },
            editrules: { edithidden: true }, sortable: true },
        { name: 'Unidad', index: 'TSI_Unidad', width: 100, align: 'center',
            editable: true, edittype: 'select',
            editoptions: { value: "Dia:Dia;Hora:Hora" }, sortable: true }
    autoencode: true,
    pager: '#pager',
    rowNum: 20,
    sortname: 'TSI_TS_Id',
    sortorder: 'asc',
    sortable: true,
    autowidth: false,
    width: 733,
    height: -1,
    shrinkToFit: true,
    viewrecords: true,
    gridview: true,
    caption: 'Listado Servicios asociados a Tarifa',
    postData: {tarId: tarId.val()},
    editurl: '/modulos/carga/cargaServiciosTarifa.ashx'

With three select options, and I want to know how can I disable the 'Cantidad'(second column) select if I select the option 'Dia' of the third (last) select called 'Unidad', but can use if I select 'Hora' option! Is there a possible way to do this when I create or edit(no inline editing)?

Have any property like a html disabled to can add to the colModel definition?


share|improve this question – adamb Oct 26 '12 at 15:20
Yes, I know this option, but i want to put/quit this option depending of the value of another select, is not the same! Thanks! – bombai Oct 26 '12 at 15:28
@bombai: In case of editing it's very important to specify exactly which editing mode (form editing, cell editing or inline editing) and how you use it. If you use navGrid, inlineNav, formatter: "actions" and so on it's important to specify which one. In all of the cases it's possible to solve your problem, but the solution way is different depend on the way how you implemented editing of rows or cells. – Oleg Oct 26 '12 at 15:48
Hi Oleg, thanks for your response, I use navgrid, i forgot to specify. Can you tell me how can I fix it? Thanks a lot! – bombai Oct 29 '12 at 7:25
Anyone can help me, please? – bombai Oct 30 '12 at 12:15

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