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I am using Godaddy to host several domain names and am having a problem that I hope someone can help me with. My main hosting account is setup so that http://www.mydomain.com is in the root folder. Each of my other domain names are pointed to a folder underneath the root folder. For example, my subdomains are located in physical disk paths like this:


etc., etc.

The root domain works without a hitch, but each of the subdomains are having URL problems depending on how a link is coded in my HTML. The URL that shows up in the browser's address bar sometimes displays like this:


If I code a link beginning with either / or ~/, then I get the above condition. I'm using IIS Express on my development PC and therefore am unable to create URL rewrite rules using the GUI interface. My only option is to edit web.config in text mode manually, then upload the new web.config to the server on Godaddy. I've attempted many variations, but all I accomplish is breaking the sites completely.

Here is what I'm thinking... Since I am creating a disk folder with the exact DNS hostname I am able to identify exact situations of when this is occurring. My folder names will be consistently named. For example, a web site with a DNS hostname of www.mydomain1.com will be located in the disk folder named /www.mydomain1.com and the undesirable URL in the browser's address bar will show up as http://www.mydomain1.com/www.mydomain1.com/...

I would like a URL rewrite rule that looks for this situation where the root disk folder for a subdomain is included in the URL. If it is, remove it. Like this:



Rewrite to:


I've asked this same question in 2 other posts here, but I'm not getting any responses at all. I've deleted those other posts and re-posting my rephrased question. Is my requirement unclear or should I be posting additional information?


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If you use the /yourlink.html It should work properly. Make sure you setup the folder for the other domains as application roots in IIS Management.

To do this:

  1. Log into your hosting control center
  2. Click on the IIS Management button
  3. Select the appropriate directory
  4. Click Set Application Root

*Note if the folder does not appear in IIS Management you can use the create button to add it and then check the box

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