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I generated a full app from the command console:

 mojo generate app MyApp

After that i started the dev server:

morbo myapp

I changed some code, even changed the name of the default controller, but i can not see any changes in the browser, only if i restart the morbo server works. This is reallly annoying for developing. How to get rid of this caching behaviour?

UPDATE: i noticed if i use hypnotoad instead morbo, works and updates changes properly, so the problem is morbo.

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I've never had this problem before but there is watch().


Maybe if you explicitly tell the server where to look for changed files it will work. Or, perhaps that can help you find where the problem is.

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thanks, the watch param do the trick. adding -w /route/towatch when the server starts from console –  jipipayo Oct 26 '12 at 16:58

On an aditional note, if you want to have live updates directly using morbo+fullapp you should cd to the app's folder then run

$ morbo script/myapp

It would then work properly.

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