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I am using the following statement which works fine in HeidiSQL, but it is not returning any data when used in my PHP code:

$query="Select Left(SiteName, 4) from sites order by SiteName";

It works when I remove the Left function:

$query="Select SiteName from sites order by SiteName";

What am I missing?

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It's probably returning data correctly but the column (in php associative array which are you probably using) is named Left(SiteName, 4), try using:

$query="Select Left(SiteName, 4) AS `SiteName` from sites order by SiteName";

It should work.

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I'll bet $5 this is the answer. This is why people should not only post the code that gets rows, but post the code that uses the retrieved data too. –  lc. Oct 26 '12 at 16:04

You need to set alias to the column Left(SiteName, 4) which will return data to PHP,

$query="Select Left(SiteName, 4) AS SOME_NAME from sites order by SiteName";
                                 ^^   ^^^^^
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