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Having A = ManyToManyField(B, null=True, blank=True), when I go in A's admin page, it seems I can't unselect every entries in the ManyToMany box after having clicked on a B element.
And even if I don't click on any entry, there is a related B element selected after saving (the first B element I guess).

But I want to add A elements without having to relate them to any one of B...

Is there any way to say to Django admin to select no element? (other than creating a dummy B element for those situations)

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This sounds like a browser issue rather than a Django issue.

To unselect an element in a multiple select, press the Ctrl key (linux / windows) or the Command key (mac) when you click on it.

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Ok got it :) I was thinking that when the B field was appearing in the box after saving was meaning that it's related!! (related = selection = highlighted in grey or something like that :) ) –  lajarre Oct 26 '12 at 16:24
You might find the filter_horizonal and filter_vertical model admin options helpful. They improve the user interface for many to many relationships in the Django admin. –  Alasdair Oct 26 '12 at 16:31
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