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I have the following document structure

  "timestamp" : 13512493603565120,<br>
  "value" : 1,<br>
  "y" : 42,<br>
  "M" : 513,<br>
  "w" : 2234,<br>
  "d" : 15639,<br>
  "S" : 46918,<br>
  "h" : 375347,<br>
  "m" : 22520822,<br>
  "s" : 1351249360,<br>
  "_id" : ObjectId("508aa61100b5457c04000001"),<br>
  "__v" : 0<br>

I have a mongodb aggregate as follows to sum up values grouping by field y:

aggregate({ $group : {_id : "$y", value:{$sum:4}} })

This will give me

[ { "_id": 42, "value": 16 } ]

What I want now is to format this output so that it looks like this:

[ [13512493603565100, 2], [13512493605167900, 1] ]


[ [<timestamp>,<sum of value grouped by field y>], [<timestamp>,<sum of value grouped by field y>] ]

I looked at $project but I still cant figure out how I can use it to get the desired output

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In order to get your desired output, you would have to be grouping by timestamp -- it doesn't make sense to group by y and then add the timestamp field because there will be multiple values. Perhaps you actually want your group _id to be on both y and timestamp? –  Stennie Nov 19 '12 at 5:30

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Not possible as of now apparently (using mapreduce or aggregate). Hope this will be added soon.

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Is it still the case today? Would appreciate to hear your feedback today –  Christian Fazzini May 21 '13 at 4:23

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