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I see that the Windows Store submission process asks about whether your app uses encryption. I am planning on doing so. Why do they ask this? Will encyption restrict countries in which the app will be made available?

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Microsoft has information about the issue here. The upshot seems to be that you can put it in the store, but you need to give them information about the crypto that it uses via an ECCN (Export Commodity Classification Number). Then they handle automatically these issues (i.e., they won't sell it illegally). You should be fine (the ban on crypto export has been lifted or a long time).

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Cryptography has issues on importing. For lot of countries the Wassenaar Arrangement applies, which restrict importing cryptography for protecting communication

Category 5 - Part 2 http://www.wassenaar.org/controllists/index.html

And this article: Restrictions on the import of cryptography - Wikipedia

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