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I would like to create a scenario to directly access IOs via USB by using FT232R. In more detail, scenario is the following: I would like to feed an LIN transceiver IC by a FT232R USB device. However, the FT232R as a USB-serial-converter outputs UART signals, which includes a start bit as well as a stop bit. For me, it is required to not have these start and stop bits, even though they are standardized in UART protocol.

My questions: Is it possible to use the bang mode of this device to avoid start/stop bits and transfer raw data? Then, how to program the code for doing this? If not, are there any USB transceiver, which have to possibility via COM/driver access to fulfil my requirement?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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Yes, the chip provides 4 pins that can be used for generic bit banging. Here is an application note describing how to use bit banging mode.

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