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What is the difference between NoSetter and ReadOnly?

NHibernate defines the following enum:

namespace NHibernate.Mapping.ByCode
    public enum Accessor
        Property = 0,
        Field = 1,
        NoSetter = 2,
        ReadOnly = 3,
        None = 4,

The docs say this about NoSetter, but fail to mention ReadOnly:

NHibernate will access the field directly when setting the value and will use the Property when getting the value. This can be used when a property only exposes a get accessor because the consumers of your API can't change the value directly. A naming strategy is required because NHibernate uses the value of the name attribute as the property name and needs to be told what the name of the field is.

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Read only property accessor for persisting calculated properties that don't provide a set method or a backing field. The calculated value can then be used for querying purposes but it is not read back into the domain.

Source: link

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