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There has to be something simple I am missing here.

I am just learning Backbone and Underscore/loDash and am trying to get familiar with chain.

I have the following code, which works as expected:

var ids = _.pluck(collection.where({'is_checked':true}), 'id');

I attempted to refactor this, using chain like so:

var ids = collection.chain().where({'is_checked':true}).pluck('id').value();

Why doesn't the refactored code work? Am I using chain wrong?

Solution (details below)

Don't use where with chain.

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The merging of some Underscore methods into collections is a little imperfect. When you say collection.some_mixed_in_underscore_method(), the collection unwraps some of the Backbone stuff behind your back so that the Underscore method is applied to the attributes inside the collection's models; it sort of works like this:

var ary = _(this.models).map(function(m) { return m.attributes });
return _(ary).some_mixed_in_underscore_method();

But collection.chain() doesn't work like that, chain just wraps the collection's models directly so if you do this:


you'll see that chain is giving you an object that wraps an array of models. Your models won't have an is_checked property (i.e. there is no model.is_checked), they will have is_checked attributes though (i.e. there will be model.get('is_checked') and model.attributes.is_checked).

Now we can see where everything goes wrong:


The models don't have is_checked properties. In particular, there won't be any models where is_checked is true and everything after the where is working with an empty array.

Now that we know where things go sideways, how do we fix it? Well, you could use filter instead of where so that you can easily unpack the models:

          .filter(function(m) { return m.get('is_checked') })

But, your models don't have ids yet as you didn't create them with ids and you haven't talked to a server to get ids so you're going to get an array of undefineds back. If you add some ids:

var collection = new App.OptionCollection([
    {id: 1, 'is_checked': true},
    {id: 2, 'is_checked': true},
    {id: 3, 'is_checked': false}

then you'll get the [1,2] that you're looking for.


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Excellent explanation. Thanks! In my actual environment, the collection is fetched from the server, so they do have ids. – Bart Oct 26 '12 at 19:40

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