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In jquery ui selectable widget, I noticed that you can select more than one item by holding ctrl (or by dragging a box), but how do you disable multi selecting. I only want to be able to select 1 at a time.


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This is a fairly crude implementation:

Basically, when an element is selected, first unselect the all its siblings that have been selected - this handles ctrl-clicks. Next, iterate over the siblings that are selecting and unselect them - this handles drags. As a consequence, dragging always takes the element with largest y-coordinate.

You can also roll your own selectable widget. I removed the ctrl key reference and _mouseDrag function from $.ui.selectable:

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The singleselectable plug-in is a whole lot cleaner. Up-voted this answer based on the "You can also..." portion as all the other answers I've read are hacky and not clean and professional UI. Cheers – Jim Speaker Sep 24 '15 at 16:35
$("#myList li").click(function() {
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selectable, single-select, with keyboard

//after load
$(function() {

    // make <ol id=lista> selectable (jquery UI)
    $("#lista").children(":first-child").addClass("selected"); //select first

    $(document).keydown(function(ev) { //con keyboard

        var actual = $(".selected");
        switch (ev.keyCode) {

            case 13: // User pressed "enter" key

            case 38: // User pressed "up" arrow

            case 40: // User pressed "down" arrow
    }); //end keydown

    //single select
    $("#lista li").click(function() {

}); // end $(fn...
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