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abstract class foo
    public $blah;

class bar extends foo
    public $baz;

Given that I have a foo class that inherits from the abstract bar class how would I get an array of the instance variables that exist only on bar but not on foo (i.e. properties that are defined on the bar level)? In the example above I would want baz but not blah.

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With reflection. Has been asked before. However what are you trying to do if I may ask? Also technically all instance variables, including the inherited ones, exist with bar - that is how inheritance works. Edit: Example how it is done for class constants which is sort of comparable: Get the defining class for a constant in PHP – hakre Oct 26 '12 at 16:47
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As hakre said, use Reflection. Grab the class's parent class, and do a diff on the properties, like so:

function get_parent_properties_diff( $obj) {
    $ref = new ReflectionClass( $obj);
    $parent = $ref->getParentClass();
    return array_diff( $ref->getProperties(), $parent->getProperties());

You'd call it like this:

$diff = get_parent_properties_diff( new bar());
foreach( $diff as $d) {
    echo $d->{'name'} . ' is in class ' . $d->{'class'} . ' and not the parent class.' . "\n";

See it working in this demo, which outputs:

baz is in class bar and not the parent class.
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You can also make use of ReflectionProperty::getDeclaringClass to test this per property. Just an additional note. – hakre Oct 26 '12 at 17:16

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