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I'm currently working on trying to simulate a virtual gamepad in my WPF 4.0 project. I wrote a custom control that registers for Touch Down/Move/Up.

Up and Down are used to capture or release the TouchDevice. Move is used to calculate the direction and distance from center.

The problem I've run into when testing on the tablet is that when I try to use both controls, the response time slows down significantly to the point that they don't move until further movement seizes.

I've tried blocking multiple checks in the touch move by adding a flag that, once it's been calculated once, skips over it. The flag gets reset in my Update function (within the control). Same result.

Just looking for suggestions on how I could go about fixing this issue.

Edit: I'd still like suggestions, but I may have solved my issue in a different manner.

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This is pretty difficult to answer in general... With this level of information, we can only present vague general advice such as 'profile the code and find out where the slow parts are'. –  RQDQ Oct 26 '12 at 19:20

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Well, it's not necessarily a fix to the WPF issue, but I tested the Custom WPF Control in a project using Surface SDK 2.0.

Works great. Much more responsive and did everything I needed it too.

I guess, if you want to develop touch applications, just make the jump to the Surface SDK. It'll save you a lot of hassle. :)

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