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Here is the thing, I have a running application and my client has been asking me to add features over time. Now he hasn't implemented all the features that I've developed, but he wants to implement one feature recently developed. The thing is that there could be some incompatibility issues between the versions of the application that I made.

I am wondering if I can add some sort of version directives to the methods of a class in php and somehow execute the ones that match with the web application version?

I would appreciate greatly any kind of help that you could give me.

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Generally if you expect this to happen you should have tight version control so that you know what features will affect what. –  durron597 Oct 26 '12 at 17:16

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Create a settings.php file and add constants to it.


// Valid constant names
define("VERSION",     "1");



if (defined('VERSION') && VERSION == "1") {
    //run code
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You can get PHP's currently running version from the version constant PHP_VERSION and use version_compare which might help you out with w/e you are trying to do: http://php.net/manual/en/function.version-compare.php

You can set you own version and then declare the appropriate class like this (your code need to know which copy of the class is running:

define("APPLICATION_VERSION", "1.23");
    //version 1 class declaration here
    class hello {}
} else {
    //not version 1 class declaration here
    class hello {}
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