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I know for most of you, this may seem like one of the most stupid and basic questions ever, but I've been learning javascript and jquery for about two months and know I would like to know how to detect collisions. For example, lets say i could move an object by pressing the arrow keys; and then lets say there's another object in its way. If the object that your moving hits the object in your way, it is stopped from moving that direction, which is quite simple physics. Or lets say i had a gun, and whenever i fired bullets and it hit an object, that object would disappear (which would be more basic to code) or explode. Furthermore, is there anywhere I can learn this kind of stuff involving collisions and physics, but only with javascript.

As well as, I know how to move an object by pressing a certain key with jquery, but I found that this was too easy, and i want a challenge. AS WELL AS THAT, is there also another site, where I can learn to animate with PLAIN javascript, and absolutely know jquery to help you animate, since jquery just does it all for you really, you just have to write .animate, then add things like speed, distance , etc. And by animation, i don't just mean clicking and moving an object, i mean like pressing keys which trigger objects to be moved, but without jquery, since that's too simple. This may seem like a lot, but like i said at the beginning I am a newbie, but someday I'd like to become an expert. So for those who feel confident with helping me out here, thanks in advance.


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One of the top results on Google has the perfect answer. Just port it to JavaScript. Here is a very simple game I wrote which demonstrates the techniques. – Jivings Oct 26 '12 at 17:02
Collision detection is language independent. Just Google it and write it yourself, should be simple if you've been coding for 2 months. Also, don't bother trying to write animations in vanilla javascript. You'll be wasting your time for no benefit. Use a dedicated animation library, or even better, learn to use css animations and use javascript to trigger them. – Christian Varga Oct 26 '12 at 17:05

This is a good one if you want to use jquery. Also they have got good demos:

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Here at lazyfoo,

The code is c++ but it will be almost the same in js

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