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I have a model that is my base model that has numerous fields in it. I then have 4 DTOs that are parts of that model. I want to map all of them to the model in the end but each time I map it overwrites the previous mapping.

For example

_model = new GenericModel();
_model.ExampleNotInDTO = "This Gets Overwritten being set previously";

//First Mapping below overwrites the property I set above and 
// sets only the fields in the business dto.
Mapper.CreateMap<BusinessDto, GenericModel>();
_model = Mapper.Map<BusinessDto, GenericModel>(searchResultsQuery.BusinessDto);

//Now doing another mapping just below it nulls out all the previous 
// stuff and only fills in the events dto.
Mapper.CreateMap<EventsDto, GenericModel>();
_model = Mapper.Map<EventsDto, GenericModel>(searchResultsQuery.EventsDto);

How would be the best way to get all 4 of my dtos (only 2 above for example sake) into the same _model object?

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You're asking AutoMapper to create a new object each time when you call Map that way. You can create the object manually and use Map<TSource, TDestination>(TSource source, TDestination destination) to do what you want. For example:

Mapper.Map<BusinessDto, GenericModel>(searchResultsQuery.BusinessDto, _model);


Mapper.Map(searchResultsQuery.BusinessDto, _model);
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Thanks. This is what I needed. You can drop the types too Mapper.Map(searchResultsQuery.BusinessDto, _model); –  Adam Oct 26 '12 at 17:55
Yeah, just copy/paste/edited your code :) –  Peter Ritchie Oct 26 '12 at 18:04

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