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Say I define an alias 'count' in my Select Query and I want to limit the amount returned to count / 5 (or 20% of the table).

How can I do this? Mysql doesn't seem to take anything but integers, not functions.

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Correct. The LIMIT clause takes an offset and a count of rows, not a percentage. You're thinking of Microsoft SQL Server, which supports SELECT TOP 20 PERCENT ... (note that neither LIMIT or TOP are specified in standard SQL).

I would do this in two queries:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM MyTable WHERE ...conditions...

SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE ...conditions... ORDER BY ...order... LIMIT ?

Replace the parameter ? with the count / 5.

You don't have to solve every problem in a single query.

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Just to add, I believe that running these two queries does not cause significant overhead, since MySQL should cache the result of the first query and the second one will actually run a lot faster. – DisgruntledGoat Oct 16 '09 at 11:28

the LIMIT clause can takes 2 arguments and must be integers constants.

you can try something like this

SET @skip=1; SET @numrows=(select count(*) div 5 from tbl );
EXECUTE STMT USING @skip, @numrows;
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Look into MySQL stored routines (procedures/functions)

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