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In my models, BookHeader has many Category So, when edit or create new BookHeader, the form show like this Enum fix?

I wanna change the "category #{id}" to category name by define a category_enum method but it still don't work. Please help!

Code for BookHeader model

class BookHeader < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :autho, :category_id, :description, :title, :book_type, :year,:publisher_id,:detail
  has_many :books
  belongs_to :category
  belongs_to :publisher
  TYPE = {:ebook=>"Ebook",:paper_book=> "PaperBook",:magazine=> "Magazine",:media=> "Media"}
  DEFAULT_TAB = :paper_book
  BOOKS_PER_PAGE = 1 # books to show in a pages (pagination)
  extend FriendlyId
  def book_type_enum #it worked here
    TYPE.map{|key, val| [val]}
  def category_enum #but dont' work here

Code for edit form

edit do
        field :title
        field :description, :text do
          ckeditor do true end
        field :autho
        field :book_type
        field :category

See the Division attribute in this link

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alias_attribute :name, :you_field_you_want_to_display

I think it's more flexible way, there is no need to rename something and everything will work properly

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thanks, I try it now! –  duykhoa Nov 10 '12 at 7:13

Yeah, I just found the answer, rename a column in your model to "name", it seem to be very magical, but it worked!

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