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I'm using couple buttons to toggle divs. Whenever I click on the button, the page jumps.

Any ideas?

Here's my markup:

  <label class='radio btn'>
    <input checked='checked' id='donation_payment_type_eft' name='donation[payment_type]' type='radio' value='eft'>
    <span class='payment-type-echeck' style='background-position: -413px 0;'>ECheck</span>
  <label class='radio btn'>
    <input id='donation_payment_type_cc' name='donation[payment_type]' type='radio' value='cc'>
    <ul class='card_logos'>
      <li class='card_visa'>Visa</li>
      <li class='card_mastercard'>Mastercard</li>
      <li class='card_amex'>American Express</li>
      <li class='card_discover'>Discover</li>

and my jQuery:

$('#donation_payment_type_eft, #donation_payment_type_cc').change(function(e) {    
 return false;
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You're removing elements from the document flow, what do you expect? –  adeneo Oct 26 '12 at 17:36
I dropped provided logic into a page and did not see a jump. Maybe if you provide the full markup or a link to the page it would help sort this out. –  krg Oct 26 '12 at 17:36
provide css as well –  Gurpreet Singh Oct 26 '12 at 17:38
Here's the full markup: gist.github.com/6b6cb6f7d44e6a3ebe54 –  tbrooks Oct 26 '12 at 17:46

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Try to do that steps:

  1. remove display:none in div that have class cc_donation
  2. calculate max height value and specify for divs that calculated value like this:


            var eft_height = $(".eft_donation").height();
            var cc_height = $(".cc_donation").height();
            var max = Math.max(eft_height, cc_height);
            $(".eft_donation, .cc_donation").height(max);
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It's not clear what you're trying to accomplish with this. Could you walk me through your thoughts? –  tbrooks Oct 26 '12 at 20:33
I paste your markup from github and notice that your page is jumps when when radio selected. That behavior occurs because your divs don't have a same height, you should set to divs equal height and your jumping go away –  testCoder Oct 26 '12 at 21:05

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