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I have seen many projects willing to switch from autotool to cmake. I can quote VCMI, Apache QPID, and Battle for Wesnoth too.

The two main reasons I read on forums were:

  • cmake colour output is much prettier.
  • when configure.ac contains error, the build doesn’t work.

But I am not convinced by either argument. As I have a couple projects I want to distribute, I would like to have some guidelines I could follow when it comes to choosing one of the two. So, what are the differences between them? Are there things I can do with one and I can’t with the other?

EDIT: Some arguments for automake (I haven’t verified them):

  • it supports "make uninstall", when cmake does not
  • there is no need to install anything
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I think your question is kind of broad to answer here. Maybe read the introductions to the Autotools and Cmake manuals? –  ptomato Oct 26 '12 at 19:37
automake can produce colored output. When any of the cmake input files contains an error, the build will fail. The primary differences: cmake (allegedly) works better on windows, but using cmake requires that the user have cmake installed. –  William Pursell Oct 30 '12 at 20:04

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For some reason people seem to assume that autotools is just a "build system". It's really more than that, though. The autotools are really geared to help a project comply with distributing software under the GPL and related licenses (especially collecting the "corresponding source") and GNU project type documentation (Changelog, README, NEWS, etc). It's not that you can't do this with another build system, but you might have to take extra steps to do so. I don't know cmake or the other build tools well enough to know if there's a way to produce a tarball or something similar to autotools make dist or what gets included when you do so.

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