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I am attempting to use the Ajax.updateColumn() method of the OmniFaces 1.3 (SNAPSHOT) Ajax utility. More specifically, I want to replace the use p:ajax update=":pageContentPanel", which is an h:panelGroup (or p:outputPanel) which contains the following xhtml, with the use of Ajax.updateColumn(table, 1).

<h:dataTable id="dt_tripDates" style="width: 200px !important;"
             var="tripDate" value="#{pf_ordersController.tripDates}">

    <p:column style="text-align: right !important;">
        <h:outputText id="rowNumber" value="#{tripDate.rowNumber}" />

    <p:column style="text-align: center !important;">
        <p:calendar id="tripDate" value="#{tripDate.tripDate}"
                    size="16" label="Trip Date"
                    pattern="MM/dd/yyyy" navigator="true"
            <p:ajax partialSubmit="false" event="dateSelect"
            <f:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy" />


In the bean, I have the following, which is referenced by p:ajax listener="...":

public void tripDateSelectedOnAddUsingTemplate(DateSelectEvent event) {
    DateTime dt, today =,
             tripDateTime = new DateTime(event.getDate());
    String clientId = event.getComponent().getClientId();
    Integer pos = clientId.indexOf(":tripDate") - 1,
            rowNumber = Integer.valueOf(clientId.substring(clientId.lastIndexOf(":", pos) + 1, pos + 1));
     * clientId = orderAddUsingTemplateForm:dt_tripDates:0:tripDate
     * id = tripDate
     * if tripDates in the list, that follow the argument tripDate in the list,
     * have today's Date, then set them to the argument
    for (int i = rowNumber; i < nbrOfTripDates; i++) {
    // OmniFaces Ajax utility to update UIData columns
    Ajax.updateColumn(tripDatesDataTable, 1);

While attempting to use Ajax.updateColumn(), I added "HtmlDataTable tripDatesDataTable" as an attribute to the bean.

The bean is JSF @SessionScoped managed bean. Please let me know how I can call Ajax.updateColumn() when p:ajax (belonging to p:calendar in xhtml above) is executed. Thanks.

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The key point is that you've got to have a handle to the UIData component somehow so that you can pass it to Ajax#updateColumn(). In your particular case, easiest way would be to get it by event.getComponent() with help of Components#getClosestParent().

UIData tripDatesDataTable = Components.getClosestParent(event.getComponent(), UIData.class);
// ...
Ajax.updateColumn(tripDatesDataTable, 1);

Note that you can also just get the row number this way without the need to break down the client ID.

int rowNumber = tripDatesDataTable.getRowIndex();
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works perfectly! Another great BalusC answer/response and solution! Thank you. – Howard Oct 26 '12 at 18:20
You're welcome :) – BalusC Oct 26 '12 at 18:54

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