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I'm working with another developer who's relatively new. In order to allow me to do code review on her work, I had her create a branch which I can review and periodically merge if I am happy with the changes.

That branch has gotten hosed, so I just want to "reset" it, so that it's identical to the mainline, so she can start again from clean code.

I could create a new branch, but I'd like to keep the same name and avoid creating unnecessary copies.

So how do I make branch B exactly the same as branch A?

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(Simple curiosity: how has that branch been "hosed"?)

You can close the current code review branch, then start another with the same name with --force.

hg com --close-branch -m "closing"
hg branch "same_name" --force
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"hosed" = She merged and had some build problems, so reverted without rollback, then committed, then later merged again and committed. So half of the changes are correct, half were reverted. I don't want to untangle it –  Jordan Crittenden Oct 26 '12 at 18:29
Ah. We've had more than one of our branches hosed the same way. –  moswald Oct 26 '12 at 19:37

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