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I am using Bugzilla 3.6.3. I would like to reset the vote count for a bug back to zero if the status is changed to UNCONFIRMED. What perl file and method do I do this in and how would I do this?

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There are a couple of different ways to do this, both involving hooks:

There are examples of how to use the hooks in extensions/Example/

The way I would do this would be to use the bug_end_of_update hook.

There's code in extensions/Example/ that is almost exactly what you want. If one of the changes is to bug_status and the new value is UNCONFIRMED, then directly manipulate the database to reset the number of votes to 0, i.e. DELETE FROM bugs WHERE bug_id = ?

The other way to do this would be to use object_end_of_update, which is basically the same as bug_end_of_update, but you'd have to check that the object is a Bugzilla::Bug.

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