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I'm trying to create a batch file in order to run automatic scripts on several remote PCs.
My main machine should be able to connect to any remote PCs and set a local scheduled task.
The batch file uses these commands:

schtasks /delete               <--- remove any previous version
         /S \\         <--- the remote PC's IP
         /U theAdministrator   <--- the username to access the PC
         /P MyPassword         <--- the password to access the PC
         /TN MyTask            <--- task name
         /F                    <--- don't ask, just do it option

schtasks /create 
         /S \\ 
         /U theAdministrator 
         /P MyPassword 
         /RU theAdministrator  <--- the username to execute the task 
         /RP MyPassword        <--- the password to execute the task
         /SC dayly /MO 1       <--- run every day
         /TN MyTask 
         /TR C:\task.bat       <--- the script to run on the remote PC

When I launch the first /delete command everything works, but the second returns a warning:
"task has been created but probably it will not run because it hasn't been possible to set the account information"
(I'm sorry if this is not the exact error message but I have to translate it by myself)

I'm sure that username and password are correct because the /delete command is OK, and also /create one creates the task, even if it doesn't run.

Therefore the problem should be with /RU and /RP options...


I wasn't able to execute the command itself without this error message, anyway I've reached my aim and found two different options:

The simplest way using the AT command:

AT \\ 12:00 C:\task.bat

It has no problem but needs to have specified an hour to run; this means if you want the task to be executed immediately you'll have to chatch %time% variable.
This option also doesn't allow to set an user to run the task (I've tested it as Administrator and the task was set to execute as NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM)

The full featured way using PsTools:
Passing the schtasks /create command to PsExec

set command=schtasks /create /SC dayly /MO 1 /TN MyTask /TR C:\task.bat /RU theAdministrator /RP MyPassword
PsExec \\ -u theAdministrator -p MyPassword %command%

NB. The target IP, user and password to access the remote PC have to be set within PsExec command, therefore you don't need them on schtasks.
The script task.bat already exists on root C:\ of the target PC.

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as far as I know /RU and /RP swithces cannot be used for remote execution of schtasks.You can only use /U and /P. –  npocmaka Oct 26 '12 at 19:52
Unfortunately removig the two options I have the same warning, and I suppose with /RU and /RP it just ignores them. Anyway I have found this reference, in which the example reports a remote access with both /RU and /RP: technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ff356867.aspx –  Mave751 Oct 26 '12 at 20:01

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Are the PC's on a domain??
I've used schtasks on a domain before, and it works without the /ru and /rp. I just used /u and /p as the username and password of the machine that I was scheduling the task on.
Never tried it on standard workgroup/homegroup machines though.

You may also want to look at this, and make sure UAC is off on all remote machines, as thes could cause issues later.


I've just tried from one laptop to another (no domain involved). These two lines work (in CMD, so should work through batch) for me

schtasks /delete /S \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx /U USERNAME /P PASSWORD /TN MyTask /F
schtasks /create /S \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx /U USERNAME /P PASSWORD /TN MyTask /SC once /st START_TIME /it /TR c:\test.bat

Things to note are;
- Obviously, replace the x's with the IP you need, and the USERNAME and PASSWORD with relevant data
- I used /sc once /st START_TIME, and not your /sc daily /mo 1, but that shouldn't make a difference
- I've added /it which (taken from CMD) "Enalbes the task to run interactively..." (in my experience, not using it has cause problems)
- The user on the laptop I was scheduling the task for does not exist on the laptop I ran schtasks from
- The user on the laptop I ran schtasks from does not exist on the laptop i was scheduling the task for (so users not existing on client/host does not matter)

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I've tried your suggestions but unfortunately it seems not to be an UAC issue (I have also deactivated the firewall and enabled the file and printer sharing service as Microsoft suggest). /IT is not an allowed options in Windows XP (I should have specified it before). Anyway I have found a different way to reach my goal (added to the original question) thank you. –  Mave751 Oct 27 '12 at 14:38

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