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As fas as I understood, ui:define is used in files acting as template clients and ui:insert is used in files acting as master templates of Facelets technology go hand in hand and the linkage between the two happens through the "name" attribute. But I see that the "name" attribute is optional for ui:insert but mandatory for ui:define. Why so?

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The <ui:insert/> can also be used in tag files to insert tag body content.



<ui:composition ...>
    <p>Some HTML ...</p>
    <p>Some other HTML...</p>

which is to be used as

<my:someTag ...>
    <p>This content will end up in place of ui:insert.</p>

This is particularly useful for datatables by the way:


<ui:composition ...>
    <h:dataTable ...>

which is to be used as

<my:dataTable ...>
    <h:column>...</h:column> <!-- can also be another tag file! -->

Note that the above isn't possible with composite components.

See also:

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