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I have a question. I know facebook accommodates for it, but if I am creating an app using javascript and want to use an api, whats the best way to deal with the redirect_uri?

I thought of using an iframe, passing the data back into the parent and then closing the iframe but I'm having problems with that. Obviously the whole cross domain is a thing that'll probably render this useless but even before that when I run it as a normal site (with the iframe on the same domain) I get this odd occurance when using the instagram api. (I'm presuming its generic)

  • if I'm logged in to instagram online it runs and gets the data but doesn't seem to send the data to the parent

  • if I'm not logged in it won't do anything, the php redirect to the instagram login page doesn't go there at all.

I'm far more interested in a possible solution without using iframes though.


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