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I'm just getting started with erlide, using a fresh install of Eclipse Juno and erlide. I've used erlang on my system (64-bit Fedora) from the command-line, so I'm just trying to make the switch. I started with R15B, and have upgraded to R15B02 (built from source) as suggested by another SO post. If I right-click on a .erl file and pick Run As..Erlang Application, the IDE freezes and I have to kill it. If I try to run from Run Configurations and specify the module and function, it will start to execute, but never progresses beyond 27%. This is on a simple function that runs instantaneously on the command line.

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Please try with the latest nightly from http://erlide.org/update_nightly, we did some work about similar issues, I hope they will solve yours too.

It would help to see the log from /erlide.log.

You can also open the launch configuration from run->configurations and see if there is some weird value in any of the fields in the "runtime" tab, most probably the node host name.

[I will be away for a week or so, so I can't answer very soon. Sorry about that.]


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Yes, that's fixed it for me, thank you. –  Don Branson Oct 29 '12 at 17:53

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