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I have two different tbody's within the same table. I want the table sorter only on the first tbody. Is there a way to skip using tablesorter for the second tbody alone???

<tbody id="1"></tbody>  /* Apply table sorter for this tbody */
<tbody id="2"></tbody>  /* Don't Apply table sorter for this tbody*/
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I'm guessing that you are using my fork of tablesorter which does support sorting multiple tbodies. The original plugin only sorts the first tbody.

If you want tablesorter to ignore any tbody, just add the class name tablesorter-infoOnly to the tbody. This class name is set by the cssInfoBlock option.

Just to note, tablesorter won't work on the HTML you shared above unless the table contains a thead.

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Just make the second tbody as another table, and use CSS to make them look like one table.

<table>/* Apply table sorter for this table */
<tbody id="1"></tbody>  

<table>/* Don't Apply table sorter for this table*/
<tbody id="2"></tbody>  
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