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Is there an active record callback that would let me set a non-db field right after some db fields have their values being retrieved? I need to do it after the database retrieval because I need the values to compute for the non-db field.

I welcome other ways to do this as well. Specifically, I have a days_ago field that is non-db, then I want to create it only after created_at becomes available, and I have to do this inside the model class.

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It sounds like you might want a 'lazy-loaded' days_ago field. You should only calculate the days_ago value when you actually need it, by adding a method like this to your model:

def days_ago
  return nil unless created_at?
  @days_ago ||= ... # (calculation involving created_at)

The first time you call days_ago, it will calculate the value, and cache the value in the @days_ago variable. The second time you call it, it will return the cached value.

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You should use after_find:

after_find :set_days_ago

def set_days_ago
  self.days_ago = DateTime.now - self.created_at.to_datetime if self.created_at
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You can also use after_create if you wish to set the non_db_var right after creating the model –  Rafael Martinez Oct 26 '12 at 20:18

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