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I have big problems with an old Facebook app. I think it uses old oAuth and there the problems begin... It says that appid or appsecret is invalid but it is correct...

Here is all admin.php: admin.php

Sorry for PasteBin but file is too large to paste it there...

It says: "It appears the application ID and secret key you entered are invalid (Could not grab app authroization token)"

Here is problematic code: CLICK!

Can you explain what's wrong?

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Looking at your admin.php, know MVC could make your life easier! ;) –  ifaour Oct 26 '12 at 21:59

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you can get the app access token from here for each of your apps

it doesnt change unless you reset your secret, you can hardcode it in as a config variable to use as needed. only really need to get it one time.

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Yeah, but I got multiple apps needed to setup with this... So there will be problem... I insert appid and appsecret into my browser and it generate tokens... I really have no idea how to make it functional... When i use file_get_contents it shows NULL which means function is disabled by server but it isn't... –  Ante Dražić Oct 27 '12 at 7:52

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