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I have three char arrays, and I don't want Arduino store those in SRAM, so I want to use PROGMEM to store and read in flash, instead.

char *firstArr[]={"option 1","option 2","option 3","option 4"};
char *secondArr[]={"test 1","test 2"};
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There's an example on how to do precisely this on the Arduino website. (See under "Arrays of strings".)

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Yes, there is an example on the Arduino web site. But I want to make you aware of a compiler bug in GCC, and the following work-around:

 * Alternative to PROGMEM storage class
 * Same effect as PROGMEM storage class, but avoiding erroneous warning by
 * GCC.
 * \see http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=34734
#define PROGMEM_ __attribute__((section(".progmem.data")))
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