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I basically have two flows :

  1. HTTP Inbound endpoint receives batch XML, splits to individual pieces and stages it to a JMS queue.
  2. Reads the staged XMLs from the JMS queue and processes the messages.

I need to control the execution of flow 2 above using a Rest call (i.e) flow 2 should run only when an HTTP inbound call is received. I am using Mule version 3.2.2

Here are the flows:

         <flow name="flow-stage-input">
           <http:inbound-endpoint   host="localhost" 
                        port=   "8082" 
                        path=   "test/order"
                        exchange-pattern=   "request-response"

          <splitter evaluator="xpath" expression="//Test/TestNode" enableCorrelation="ALWAYS"/>
          <custom-transformer class="org.testing.transformers.DocumentToString"></custom-transformer>

                <spring-object bean="receiver"></spring-object>

          <!-- DECIDE SUCCESS OR FAILURE --> 
                <when expression="//Test/TestNode" evaluator="xpath">
            <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="stagingQueue" exchange-pattern="one-way" connector-ref="jmsConnector" />
                <logger message="Skipped staging message due to errors" level="ERROR" /> 
          <custom-transformer class="org.testing.transformers.ListOfStringsToString"></custom-transformer>

        <flow name="flow-process-jms-input" > 
           <jms:inbound-endpoint  queue="stagingQueue" exchange-pattern="one-way" connector-ref="jmsConnector" />
            <spring-object bean="processor"></spring-object>
           <!-- DECIDE SUCCESS OR FAILURE  -->
                 <when expression="//ErrorCondition/Path" evaluator="xpath">
                <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="errorQueue" exchange-pattern="one-way" connector-ref="jmsConnector" />
                <logger message="Message processed successfully" level="ERROR" /> 
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Use a Groovy script in flow 2 to request one JMS message from the queue using:

muleContext.client.request("jms://stagingQueue", 0)

This will return null if the queue was empty otherwise a Mule message containing the JMS message.

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I am not sure how this satisfies my requirement. Sorry if I phrased it wrong above but I need to control whether flow 2 can run or not using an HTTP call (using an HTTP inbound endpoint). Basically, make an HTTP call to allow the flow to to start reading from the queue. –  Sathya Pillutla Oct 29 '12 at 15:16
I didn't get you wanted to start/stop JMS consumption over HTTP, I thought you wanted to consume on demand. Then look at this answer stackoverflow.com/a/13078649/387927 : if you don't have any other JMS endpoints, you could have a 3rd flow to start/stop the JMS connector over HTTP. –  David Dossot Oct 30 '12 at 22:04
Thanks, did not occur to me to split the connectors for reading and writing and disable one or the other. –  Sathya Pillutla Nov 6 '12 at 21:03

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