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I'm trying to talk to a WCF service from my iOS app using the MKNetworkKit. I always seem to get a 404 error even though the URL is valid. The operation completes if I use a GET instead of a POST (but I need it to be post). Additionally, I have the same problem even if I supply valid params.

 MKNetworkOperation *op = [engine operationWithURLString:@"http://store.mystore.com/svc/InControl.svc"

After I enqueue the above operation, I always end up with an error block being called. The error dumped to the console is [The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error 404.)]

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If the error code is 404, check if the endpoint is correct. Though HTTP is case insensitive, I believe WCF is not. So check if it is InControl or incontrol or inControl.

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