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I'm looking for the easiest way to import data from SQL Server to SQL Azure.

I'd like to work locally, would there be a way to synchronize my local database to SQL Azure all the time?

The thing is I wouldn't like to update each time I add a table in my local database to SQL Azure.

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I HIGHLY recommend using the SQL Database Migration Wizard: it is the best free tool I've used so far. Simple and works much easier the the SSMS and VS built in tools. I think the Red-Gate tools now work well with SQL Azure too - but I haven't had a chance to use them.

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Have you looked at SQL Data Sync? A new October update just came out today.

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There are a few ways to migrate databases, I would recommend you to do it by using the generate scripts Wizard.

Here are the steps to follow

Also there are others tools like Microsoft Sync Framework.

Here you'll find more information about it

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