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virtual void leftRotate(RSTNode<Data>*& ptr) {
  RSTNode<Data>* dummyone = ptr;  
  bool isTheFatherToTheRightOfTheGrandParent = 
   ((ptr->parent->parent->right) == (ptr->parent));

I have commented out everything else and concluded that this is the erroneous part of my method with this error:

In file included from test_RST.cpp:1:0:
RST.hpp: In member function ‘void RST<Data>::leftRotate(RSTNode<Data>*&) 
[with Data =   countint]’:
test_RST.cpp:83:1:   instantiated from here
RST.hpp:85:38: error: invalid conversion from ‘BSTNode<countint>*’ to 
‘RSTNode<countint>*’ [-fpermissive]
RST.hpp:86:48: error: invalid conversion from ‘BSTNode<countint>*’ to
‘RSTNode<countint>*’ [-fpermissive]

I am not sure what to do. RST is a subclass of BST and it should have the qualities of BST and the is a relationship. Not sure what the problem is :/

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A RSTNode is a BSTNode, but a BSTNode is not a RSTNode. That's what the error is saying. It's OK to go from RSTNode* to BSTNode* but not the other way around. What you do about it I'm not sure, I'd need to see more code. – john Oct 26 '12 at 21:01
The code you posted cannot possibly produce this error. There's no explicit mention of BSTNode there. It could be implicitly present in the comparison, but the comparison should work, if things are as you say they are. You need to post more relevant code. – AnT Oct 26 '12 at 22:38
Which specific statement produces the error? Initialization? Or comparison? – AnT Oct 26 '12 at 22:40

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