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This might sound like a dumb question but I am recently learning about a Big Table.

Would someone please tell me the advantage of using Big Table over NoSql databases. I eventually see both of them as semi-structured data storage. Some people mention that Big Table has much more simple interface as compared to a NoSql database but I don't quite understand how. Also is there a way I can try out API's of Big Table ??

Also , does Big Table have web interfaces , if yes can I get links to it as well ?

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BigTable is Google's system to store large documents of data. It doesn't generates relations between documents as it doesn't benefit the architecture of Google's applications. This philosophy of "Unrelated" data-instances are the basic idea of NoSQL. So long story short, BigTable is NoSQL as NoSQl is the theoretical idea ( just like RDBMS is the basic theory of MySQL,MSSQL and others ).

An approach of bigtable has been made and gave birth to hadoop. It is widely used by many industries.An other related implementation is storm which tries to operates faster when it comes to serve real time data.

Regarding NoSQL databases you should take a good look at hbase, cassandra and if you are coming from the RDBMS world MongoDB would be the best choice to start realizing the use of NoSQL.

Mind to take a good look at the Google's notes regarding BigTable.


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