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I've just started playing with meteor. It looks awesome. I want to customise the registration process from accounts-ui to:

  1. Make users enter additional data when registering (their birthdate)
  2. After they register show them another modal/page for them to enter a bit more data.

How can I do this?

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or you should use "meteor add accounts-password" then you can use Accounts.api to make your own registration process.

make your form as your need, then use any way to pass form data to

Accounts.createUser(options, [callback])

something like

var options = {
    username: $('#input-username').val(),
    password: $('#input-password').val(),
    profiles: {
        birthday: $('#input-birthday').val
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Searchend & found. Thank you. – Timo Rütten Mar 18 '14 at 22:46

If you use Accounts.createUser you can store additional data under profile like this.

'createUser': function(firstname, lastname, username, twitter, email, password, role){

        email: email,
        password: password,
        username: username,
        profile: {
            firstname: firstname,
            lastname: lastname,
            twitter: twitter,
            birthdate: birthdate

If you want a second form you can route the user to it.{
    'submit form': function(event){
        var firstname =;
        ...'createUser', clubName, capacity, description, homepage);

I guess you also can do the redirect in the routfile.

This is a simple solution and does not take care of cases when the user breaks the registration process in the middle. But maybe someone else can help with that?

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