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Is there any way to change the parameters of a block in Simulink on the fly? The model is compiled and running on a xPC-Target. I do have a subsystem (actually a lot of subsystems) and would like to load the params from several xml files and populate the model (after external triggering).

Wiring those values instead of using mask parameters is the current state, but the model is getting bulky and hard to maintain.

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Yes, it is possible to tune parameters while the model running. See more details in this section of the xPC doc

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Can I access the tunable parameter out of the xPC-Build? The parameters are stored in a structure. But how can I change them programmatically? –  Palim Palim Oct 29 '12 at 11:36

I know that for stand alone models you can do this by calling your simulink model from MATLAB using the sim function ( http://www.mathworks.com.au/help/simulink/slref/sim.html) I assume that this would be the same for the xPC-Target, I've certainly seen similar things with RTW.

The simulink blog has a good explanation at http://blogs.mathworks.com/seth/2008/02/26/welcome/

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