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function AppViewModel() {
    {shotbar:false, frozendrinks: false, livemusic: false, patio:false, food:false}

self.toggleTag = function(data,event) {
    var id = event.target.id;

    self.tagbuttons()[0][id] = !self.tagbuttons()[0][id];
    if(self.tagbuttons()[0][id] == true)

ko.applyBindings(new AppViewModel());

My console.log(self.tagbuttons()[0][id]) outputs the correct bool value, but the value does not update in my array. Here is my html:

 <div data-bind="text: tagbuttons()[0].shotbar"></di>
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You need to apply the KO bindings after you declare your MyAppViewModel and after the UI is loaded:

    ko.ApplyBindings(new MyAppViewModel())?  

Unless you are applying the KO bindings, nothing will happen outside of the view model.

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I left that code out of my original post, I have edited –  kitten_bro Oct 26 '12 at 23:55

Here is a quote from the ko documentation:

Key point: An observableArray tracks which objects are in the array, not the state of those objects

Simply putting an object into an observableArray doesn’t make all of that object’s properties themselves observable. Of course, you can make those properties observable if you wish, but that’s an independent choice. An observableArray just tracks which objects it holds, and notifies listeners when objects are added or removed.

So when you are changing array item's value knockout is not notified. You can use valueHasMutated function to notify subscribers manually:

self.tagbuttons()[0][id] = !self.tagbuttons()[0][id];

Or wrap items in array with observalbe:

self.tagbuttons = ko.observableArray([
    frozendrinks: false, 
    livemusic: false, 
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