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Im developing a RPG page and our Like Button has dissapeared.

I used the generator to create the code, and tried the diffrent versions there off non of them works. I also used the LINTER and it shows no errors. I asked my provider and they can find no error.

The page is http://www.wodgotham.com/ and next to the Facebook homepage link above the twitter link the Like button should be.

I have looked through the code and stared myself blind... I dont know what to do

Suggestions and assistance would be highly appriciated

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You're not using the code from the generator - you're trying to load

http://connect.facebook.net/us_US/all.js - us_US is not a valid locale

The Javascript console on my browser shows the error as a 500 error from that URL, which when clicked says /* Not a valid locale. */

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Thanks alot that worked, no clue how that got there. Even tried on a test page earlier with code from generator. – user1778359 Oct 26 '12 at 22:25

I believe Igy is correct. "en_US" would be the valid locale.

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