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I am trying to use Cucumber to check a filter feature on a web page. If I check specific movie ratings, then it should only show those movies with those ratings in the table. Here is my scenario:

When I check the following ratings: 'PG', 'R'
And I press Refresh
Then I should not see /PG/

And here is my step definition:

Then /^(?:|I )should not see \/([^\/]*)\/$/ do |regexp|
  regexp = Regexp.new(regexp)
  if page.respond_to? :should
    page.should have_no_xpath('//*', :text => regexp)
    assert page.has_no_xpath?('//*', :text => regexp)

But I am getting an "Ambiguous match" error.

Here is some of the HTML in case it's important:

  <table id='movies'>
        <th>Movie Title</th>
        <th>Release Date</th>
        <th>More Info</th>
        <td>1992-11-25 00:00:00 UTC</td>
        <td><a href="/movies/1">More about Aladdin</a></td>

Thank you!

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Best title ever. –  asawyer Oct 26 '12 at 22:41

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The problem is not with the steps you have defined here as such, but that you have defined a step elsewhere that conflicts with one of these. You should either reuse that step if it makes sense here or create a step that doesn't conflict.

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As michaeltwofish said. You probably have a step defined that does the same thing. Try removing one of the steps.

If you have duplicate methods/definitions. Meaning a definition with "And" and another definition with "Then" that does the same thing count as the same method.

And/When/Then/Given are basically the same thing. They server only to make the user story flow im a much more readable manor

Hope this additional info helped.

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