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On GitHub's Twitter bootstrap pages the Base CSS page's section on icons says this:

Glyphicons Halflings are normally not available for free, but an arrangement between Bootstrap and the Glyphicons creators have made this possible at no cost to you as developers. As a thank you, we ask you to include an optional link back to Glyphicons whenever practical.

Is there a standard form this attribution should take?

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To answer my own question, the solution is presumably to attribute Glyphicons in the same way that Twitter do in the footer of the bootstrap GitHub pages, namely:

<p>Icons from <a href="">Glyphicons Free</a>, licensed 
under <a href="">CC BY 3.0</a>.</p>

This does seem to gloss over the fact that the halflings are specifically not covered by the Creative Commons licence, but I guess if it's good enough for Twitter then it should be okay for the rest of us.

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Glyphicons Halflings are also a part of Bootstrap by Twitter, and are released under the same Apache 2.0 license as Bootstrap. While you are not required to include attribution on your Bootstrap-based projects, I’d certainly appreciate a visibile link back to in any place you find appropriate (footer, docs, etc).

This's from I hope this help you.

For me, I will make credit page and put link back to glyphicons. I don't want to put link at footer because this's under Apache 2.0 license not CC. I really appreciate their work but putting link at footer is about SEO too.

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