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Obvious question if you know what/where to look...unfortunately I don't...yet.

When I double-click my target and try to add the MessageUI framework it's not listed. I tried to do it manually and ran into trouble. I see that this app's target is for 2.2.1 and obviously MessageUI requires 3.0. Where can I set this? Do I need to create a new target? What doc should I read to understand this better?

I haven't had much need to separate the various OS's...until now.


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Double-click the Project, go to General, and set the "Base SDK for all configurations."

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Thanks. fyi- I found it under "Build" not "General" – Meltemi Aug 22 '09 at 0:01
Under General is a master switch (near the bottom of the pane). Under build, you need to make sure you're setting it correctly for all configurations. – Rob Napier Aug 22 '09 at 0:58

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