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I am recording a race as tracks concurrently on multiple GPS devices, saving and emailing as .gpx and importing to GoogEarth. All working well: I can view the tracks only on the time slider and i can also make a tour of the tracks... its plays as a re-run of the race. cool.


When viewing a tour, the path shows for the WHOLE track from where the icon is, all the way back to the start, but i need it only to show a shortish 'tail' the way you can do when you view it in the time-slider. In time-slider you can drag how long you want the 'tail' track.

In track preferences, i can make the tail thinner or be 'off' but i need a short tail showing.

Please send help!


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I'm afraid this feature is not implemented in Google Earth, and as such it is not available because Google Earth has no API for external control. –  heltonbiker Oct 26 '12 at 23:37

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