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Let's say you make a class called "Entity" in package com.something1.something2. Now let's say you type out the following code in package com.something1.something3:

var e:Entity = new Entity();

Except that FlashDevelop comes in and turns it into this:

var e:Entity = new com.something1.something2.Entity();

How can you make it stop doing that? Thanks!

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This behavior usually happens in 2 cases:

  • you import 2 classes with the same name but from different packages (ex: com.foo.Entity, bar.baz.Entity),
  • your code contains a local or instance declaration which hides the class' root package (ie. var com:SomeType hides 'com' from com.foo.Entity).
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Is there not a way to make it stop doing that, at least when it's not a result of the first condition? –  Panzercrisis Dec 20 '12 at 5:03

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