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EDIT: Problem solved! Sorry guys, I feel stupid now.

So first of all, I was mistaken about seeing the bad data going out on the serial port. I WAS seeing bad data, but it was actually from the INTEGER, NOT the doubles. Then, after doing a few more tests, I noticed that the bad data from the integer wasn't actually random, but actually the correct data in scientific notation.

Went back into class for xAxis, and realized I didn't have an overloaded method for an integer type, so I was trying to push a square peg through a round hole.

This one's been driving me mad all day. Basically, I have a set of static doubles which are changing in value when they are passed to a specific method.

Method in question

long DriveController::GoToPositionX(
        int pos, double accel, double decel, double velocity)

    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "RS");
    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "SP");
    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "AC", accel);
    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "DE", decel);
    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "VE", velocity);
    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "FP", pos);
    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "IP");
    xAxis.AppendCmd(xAxisDriveId, "IP");

    return xAxis.ContinueQue();

Variable declarations:

long lLastError = ERROR_SUCCESS;

static double accel, decel, velocity, jogAccel, jogDecel, jogVelocity;

static int absPosMAHI, absPosSAGNAC, absPosSutter, absPosHICO;

char portNum[16] = {NULL};

static DriveController driveController;
static INIReadWrite configIni;

Call to the function:

    driveController.GoToPositionX(absPosMAHI, accel, decel, velocity);
    SetFocus(hwnd); //Return focus to the parent window. Without this, focus will be stuck on the button
    return 0;

So basically, I set a breakpoint at the method call, another inside of the method, and at the second breakpoint, the values are some absurd number, often times a denormalized number. However, if I pass a constant (goToPositionX(var, 5.0, 3.0, etc etc)), everything goes through fine. Passing as reference doesn't help either.

I can confirm this too, because the code is to communicate with a stepper motor driver, and if I watch the serial port, I see the undefined values going through.

I have a feeling this is something so trivial, but i'm stumped.

EDIT: I should point out too, that the integer goes through fine. Only the doubles go wacky.

EDIT: Variable definitions:

 int InitCfgParams(
    INIReadWrite * configIni,
    double * jogAccel, double * jogDecel, double * jogVelocity,
    double * accel, double * decel, double * velocity,
    char portNum[],
    int * preset1, int * preset2, int * preset3, int * preset4)
    char absPos[] = "ABS_POS";
    char moveParam[] = "MOVE_PARAMS";

    //a bunch of things are defined in here that don't pertain to this question

    *accel = configIni->LoadDouble(moveParam, "accel");
    if(accel == NULL){
        return 1;

    *decel = configIni->LoadDouble(moveParam, "decel");
    if(decel == NULL){
        return 1;

    *velocity = configIni->LoadDouble(moveParam, "velocity");
    if(velocity == NULL){
        return 1;

    configIni->LoadChar("SETUP", "com", portNum);
    if(portNum == NULL){
        return 1;

    return 0;
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look for places that assign to the variables you are using. This cannot be the cause. – Jan Dvorak Oct 27 '12 at 4:23
Your arguments have the same name as the static variables (if they are declared in the DriveController). The arguments take precedence. – Jan Dvorak Oct 27 '12 at 4:25
InitCFGParams is the ONLY place where values are assigned to these variables. InitCFGParams is only called on window creation. Also have already tried changing variable names. No dice. – sinkoman Oct 27 '12 at 4:28
Can you set a watch on the variables in the debugger? It should then stop at the moment they get modified. – Barmar Oct 27 '12 at 4:30
@Barmar I would think that watches only display the variables being watched, not break on their change. – Jan Dvorak Oct 27 '12 at 4:33

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