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I just started a project using Typescript, jQuery and jQuery UI using Visual Studio 2012; i think it rocks. Now I am trying to write an automatic test. My problem is that I got overwhelmed by the choices of Unit Testing Frameworks. (QUnit, tsUnit, chutzpah... and I do not have enough experience to decide between them. I saw another entry on stack overflow but only talking about Tyspecript and leading to tsUnit. For me Typescript and jQuery are both important. Can anybody recommend one or a few choices for that case?

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Check out the newest version of Chutzpah, with it you can run Jasmine and Qunit Typescript tests within Visual Studio. Both Jasmine and Qunit are mature and popular and I think you should have a look at them both to see which one you prefer.

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You most likely want to use QUnit. It is the most popular, was created initially to test jQuery. And is more 'classic' unit testing lib.

Jasmine is another popular testing framework, but not everyone is doing BDD.

In any case, you will need definitions for them for TypeScript, which are available at DefinitelyTyped.

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Thanks Boris, I came back to this old post, and yes, finally Jasmine has been the best for me for now. Thinking on moving on.. but I recommend it and will still use it in other project.s –  pabloelustondo Feb 8 at 17:07

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