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I need to read data from a PSafeArray in Delphi.
That PSafeArray is returned by a method implemented in a DLL developed in C#. This method returns a two dimensional string array string[,]. How to read such PSafeArray result in Delphi ?

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You must use the SafeArrayGetLBound, SafeArrayGetUBound, SafeArrayGetElement functions.

Try this sample

  LSafeArray: PSafeArray;
  LBound, UBound, I: LongInt;
  LYBound, UYBound, J: LongInt;
  Index: array [0..1] of Integer;
  LData: OleVariant;
  //get the PSafeArray
  LSafeArray := GetArray;// GetArray is your own function
  //get the bounds of the first dimension
  SafeArrayGetLBound(LSafeArray, 1, LBound);
  SafeArrayGetUBound(LSafeArray, 1, UBound);
  //get the bounds of the second dimension
  SafeArrayGetLBound(LSafeArray, 2, LYBound);
  SafeArrayGetUBound(LSafeArray, 2, UYBound);

  //iterate over the array  
  for I := LBound to UBound do
   for J := LYBound to UYBound do
      //set the index of the element to get
      SafeArrayGetElement(LSafeArray, Index, LData);

      //do something with the data  
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